MNR Pre-Primary Teacher Training Program

Keeping in view the increase in demand for pre-primary trained Teachers in India and all over the world we MNR had started MNR Pre-Primary Teacher Training Program in the year 2014.

Our course aims at training the trainers to acquire all the skills required by a pre-school teachers.

“A teacher is to a child what apotter is to the wet clay”.

A teacher moulds the child beautifully and brings out the child at the best.

We make teachers to help the children in their overall development.

This course will enhance the skills required by the pre-school teachers.

This course will be helpful to the teacher. We have career growth in the field of pre-schools.

Who can join this course

  • Minimum 10+2 / Equivalent / Above Qualified
  • Who aspire to become Pre -School Teacher
  • Who like to start a Play School

Career Opportunities:

  • Play School Teachers
  • Who want to run the play school
  • Centre head / Co-ordinator of Pre School
  • Pre-Primary Curriculum developer

Become professional pre-school teacher/counsellor/content writer/co-ordinator/centre head.

We offer the course in two modes
Online | Offline